How to Maintain Small Campers with Bathrooms – Maintaining the Holding Tanks

It must be easier for you to manage your family camping time when you own a camper or RV. Small campers with bathrooms are widely available today both the brand new and the used ones. It is a good option if you need a small one with maximum coziness, privacy and hygiene camping with your small family. Going outside the town to feel the night’s fresh air becomes so real with the camper.

Just like any other stuff you have, all small campers with bathrooms need the same need of maintenance. Having a deal with the maintenance, the camper may need specific treatments especially about how to maintain the tank. This time, let’s talk about special topic of how to maintain the tanks of small campers with bathrooms.

small campers with bathrooms

small campers with bathrooms

Small Campers with Bathrooms – Understand How the Bathroom Work

In general, there is no big difference between home bathrooms with the bathrooms of the campers for the way they work. The basic difference is about the tanks and sewer system. Home bathroom, including the sink, toilet and shower, will drain into the sewage system in the city. The small campers with bathrooms need holding tanks to store the wastes.

Most small campers with bathrooms typically have similar parts for the tanks. There are three different tanks built in the campers: gray water tank, black water tank, and fresh water tank. All of them have different functions within the camper that you need to know. The fresh water tanks are used for fresh water that is used by the campers. This one is the largest among the others. The silver tank is used to drain the water from the shower while the black water tank is used to drain water from the toilet.pop up camper with bathroom

How to Empty the Tanks (Silver and Black)

The basic rule in emptying the tanks of the campers is the black must come first continued by the silver one. Go to the dump station for RV or Campers, find sewer hose hooked up somewhere there, then connect the hose at the dump station with the sewer hose hooked up on the campers (commonly they are located outside the campers). Find the black tank’s hose and open the valve to let the water from the toilet drain completely to the dump station. When it completes, close the valve and disconnect both hoses. Move to the hose of the silver water tank and again open the valve to let everything go. The best news of following the order is that the black tank will be completely clean as you have finished cleaning the silver tank.

Maintaining the Tanks

It is almost surprising that maintaining the silver tank could be a little bit more difficult than maintaining the black one. The treatment product to maintain the tanks should be always kept inside the black tank, not the silver one. The black water should be emptied when it is ¾ full because it will be easier to completely empty the tank by the rule of the gravity to make everything runs fast.

Well, if you think that you need one of small campers with bathrooms for the next camping season, find one. Don’t forget to clean and maintain the campers well for long term of comfort and beauty.

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