About Ferguson’s Plumbing Supply You Need to Know

About Ferguson’s plumbing supply, the company is one of the largest distributors of plumbing supplies and related products in the United States. Founded in 1953, it is the 60th of the company to supply the wholesale products to the entire country. There are about 1,300 different locations and 18,000 of employees to show the commitment of the company to supply high quality products to the customers with easy access. Currently, Ferguson is not only providing the best products and service to personal home owner, but to plumbers, designers, contractors and many more professionals in home and house as well.

ferguson's plumbing supply

ferguson’s plumbing supply

The Location of Ferguson’s Plumbing Supply

As you expect, it must be important for you to know the exact locations of a company to whom you are going to buy for the best products. It is easier for you to check the real quality offered and to manage your time and money in purchasing the products. For the location of Ferguson’s plumbing supply, you do not need to worry because the company covers 50 states to get closer to your location. It means that contacting the staffs and the shipping cost will be no longer a problem for you. To check the nearest location from your neighborhood, please visit the official website of Ferguson. In addition, you may also check the locations of the showrooms, HVAC, waterworks, fire & fabrication, and industrial as the other specializations of the company.

ferguson's plumbing supply products

ferguson’s plumbing supply products

Proprietary Brands

When you realize that the company is one of the largest with full experience in supplying and servicing, it is no longer a surprise that the company now offers its proprietary brands. PROFLO, Mirabelle, RAPTOR, FNW Valve, PROSELECT, and Monogram Brass are the brands you may want to have at home. As a bottom line, the products have been developed to meet the minimum requirements you ask for beauty, comfort and durability. At least, when you try to find the review of PROFLO products for example, you will find the numbers of disappointed users decrease consistently in late five years. It means that the company maintains the commitment to develop the products and to give you the best as you wish.

ferguson's plumbing supply online

ferguson’s plumbing supply online

Online Shop Available

As the part of its adaptation with the development of Information and Technology, Ferguson’s plumbing supply now offers you various options to shop online. It makes the efficiency you need to buy the products becomes better. To order like a pro, it is recommended to use MY CODES in Ferguson Online especially for the plumbing products you need.

ferguson's plumbing store

ferguson’s plumbing store

Well, it is clear that Ferguson’s plumbing supply is an option you can choose for your plumbing needs at home. Your plumbing projects, replacements, and remodeling will be much easier to finish by maximizing the convenience offered. However, it is still recommended for you to find the reference of the other competitors of the company because you surely understand that the competition among the companies could bring benefits to you because your trust is the trophy that they want to achieve.

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