Viper Floor Machines – Viper VN2015 20”

Realizing the importance of maintaining the floor at home, owning great equipment to clean and maintain your floor must be essential. It will be easier and more efficient for you to do the task with the best results as you expect. In this case, you should be selective enough in choosing what kind of equipment that you think it has the quality you can trust. For floor buffer polisher, the Viper VN2015 20” is one of reputable Viper floor machines you should consider. A lot of people use this stuff and most of them are satisfied with the performance.

viper floor machines - Viper VN2015 20”

viper floor machines – Viper VN2015 20”

Viper Floor Machines

Viper VN2015 20” is a great low speed buffer polisher machine with affordable price offered. The body is constructed totally with metal construction. It makes the machine as a great option for long term usage. Some users agree that the Viper VN2015 20” has the durability they need even for long time of usage per day. This unit is one of the best Viper floor machines for carpet scrubbing and for hardwood scrubbing and polishing. Special for the hardwood, the result of the polishing will be adequately shiny, a great choice for you to maintain your beautiful hard wood floor at home.viper floor machines5

With the total weight of 109 pounds and being equipped with large transport wheels, it is easy for you to scrub and polish your floor easily and comfortably. You need a little energy to move from one corner to another. The motor with 1.5 hp and the transmission (the triple planetary steel gear) is what you need from a great floor machine at home. Buying the stuff, you will get 5 years of warranty of metal housing, including the motor and gear box with 1 year on wear. Besides for home use, the machine is also recommended to be used in office, store and any building for public that usually require equipment with high performance and practically convenient.

Viper Floor Machines – Viper VN2015 20”

Viper Floor Machines – Viper VN2015 20”

The Specification of the Viper Floor Machine:

Model  : Viper VN2015 20”

Price      : from $505.00

  • Deck Size                             : 20 inches
  • Pad Driver                           : 19 inches
  • Brush Speed                      : 175 rpm
  • Volt                                        : 110V
  • Horsepower                       : 1.5 hp
  • Motor                                   : 66-frame
  • Gear Box                             : Triple Planetary
  • Sound Level                       : 63 dBA
  • Power Cable                      : 50 feet/ safety yellow
  • Wheels                                 : (2) 5 in (12.7 cm)
  • Amp Draw                           : 13 amps
  • Weight                                 : 109 lbs
  • Shipping Weight               : 123 lbs
  • Dimension (L x W x H)    :  27 inches x 20 inches x 48 inches
  • Solution Tank (optional) : 2.4 gallon
  • Deck Size (optional)        : 15 inches and 13 inches decks

Warranty:        5 years of metal housing and motor & gear box

                                1 year on wear

For online shopping, please compare the prices offered by different stores because of various price tags available. Don’t forget to consider the shipping cost you should pay for the item. It is also recommended to find the references of other Viper floor machines for the best option based on your need.

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