Making a Shower Pan by Yourself

When you think that you need to make a shower pan at home and you want this to be on the budget project to do, making a shower pan by your own should be a great alternative. The process of making a shower pan is not that complicated. It means that you can surely do the whole things with basic knowledge in construction. Besides, the process to finish the job is relatively short. You can complete the project within a few days only. Well, here are the steps you need in making a shower pan by yourself.

making a shower pan

making a shower pan

Making a Shower Pan Step by Step

Prepare the Floor

Making a shower pan, you need to ensure that the floor where you are going to make the pan on can support the weight. It is important because the concrete could be heavy enough. If you are not sure enough about the strength, you may need to apply exterior grade plywood to be the base of the shower pan to strengthen the floor.

making a shower pan preparation

making a shower pan preparation

Shower Drain before Pouring Concrete

You need to install the shower drain first before you go to pour the concrete. The best option for the drain is the two-piece drain. In this case, you may need to call for help from a professional plumber to install the drain because connecting the drain to the drainage pipes could be hard to do alone.

Use PVC Cement or PVC Connectors for Drain Installment

You need to use PVC cement or PVC connectors (if your pipes are not PVC). Please follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to make sure that you connect the drain and pipe perfectly.

making a shower pan

making a shower pan

Don’t be hurry! You should ensure that the liner’s thickness meets the building codes in your neighborhood. Try also to make sure that the depth of the shower pan is sufficient.

Build the Shower Floor Frame

To build the frame, you will need 2×4 wood planks for the pour of the concrete. Next, you need rubber membrane and spread it over the frame. Overlap the edges about at least 10 inch. After this, you can flatten the membrane against the bottom of the frame. Next, you need to nail the liner to the walls to attach it with stud points around 8 inches. Make sure that you use large heads nails in attaching the liner.

Prepare the Drain after Installing the Membrane

You need to cut the membrane to make appropriate hole over the drain. You can use utility knife to cut the hole. Be careful, you need to make it precisely. Next, you can attach the upper part of the drain to the bottom part by screwing the screws perfectly. In this case, you need to provide space of height for the concrete for about 1 and ¼ inches. Before pouring the concrete, you need to cover the drain by using duct tape.

making a shower pan easily

making a shower pan easily

Concrete Pouring Process

The preparations have done, it is the time for you to pour the concrete. It is important for you to mix the concrete perfectly by following given instructions. If the mixture is ready, you can start pouring the concrete by spreading it using a trowel. Remember, it is recommended to slope the concrete around the outer edges of the shower pan for about 2,5 inches height to 1,25 inches around the drain. When you finish, you can smooth and clean the concrete especially around the drain. Wait it to dry for about two or three days before tiling. Well, your “making a shower pan” has done now.

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