How to Install Shower Pan Liner

An important aspect of shower pan is how to prevent the pan to be leaky and how to maintain it well from the leak in a long period of time. Installing proper shower pan liner is essential to be done to reach the expectation. Sometimes, we need to replace the whole parts of the shower pan liner when the leak continuously happens because of imperfect installment of the shower pan liner. Therefore, understanding the proper ways of how to install shower pan liner is a must if we want to have the best shower time without mood-breaking problem of water leak. Check the tips of how to install shower pan liner below for perfect shower at home.

how to install a shower pan liner

how to install a shower pan liner

Proper Framing for the Shower Pan

Before we go to the actual discussion of how to install shower pan liner, it is important to remember that the shower pan frame must be installed properly. It is important to the perfection of the shower pan as a whole as well as to make it easy to install the shower pan liner.

Building Paper, Wire Mesh, Bottom Drain, and Mix Mortar on

Proper frame has been installed well, now is the time for the installment of building paper using a staple gun on the floor followed by the installment of the wire mesh on it. The bottom part of the drain (commonly there are two parts; upper and lower parts) could be installed next. Fill the mix mortar on the wire mesh. Be careful with the drain to not block the hole.

Installing the Shower Pan Liner

how to install a shower pan liner easily

how to install a shower pan liner easily

Make sure that the pan liner covers the essential parts of the shower pan in proportion. Since the bottom part of the drain has been installed before, it is recommended to start installing the shower pan line from the exact location where the bottom drain is installed. Find the bolts and make small hole to allow the bolts appear through the liner. Next, the hole of the drain can be made by cutting the edge. Make it as neat as possible. Use silicon sealant to be applied under the liner and the top of drain clamping assembly. It is to prevent the leak optimally.

The next step, we can go to the each corner of the frame to install the pan liner correctly. The important part for this step is making the fold as perfect as possible from the bunch appeared. Find the reference of how to install shower pan liner especially some pictures for clear demonstration of how to fold the liner. Using proper screw, attach the shower pan liner at about 4 inches above the floor level. The outside corner needs to be covered by additional liner. Cut the cover properly and use PVC glue to stick it on the corner. Finally, the upper part of the drain can be assembled on.

If it is necessary to ensure that the installment has been perfect and free from any leak problem, water test is the final task to do. Firstly, we need to block the water flow through the drain. Next, we can pour some amount of water on the shower pan line. If there is no detected problem, then the how to install shower pan liner is done perfectly.

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